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Mickleton Seats and Benches Report 2020

Published on Tuesday, 18 August 2020 13:55 Hits: 5635

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Mickleton Parish Council (MPC) has just completed a photographic report (6th May 2018) on the seats and benches around the village and it's environs. This report is avalable to download here icon Mickleton Seat Report 2020 (6.9 MB) .

As is quite evident from they photographs some of these seats and benches have degenerated into quite a deplorable state and are in need of urgent attention. Needless to say the owner of most of them is Durham County Council (DCC) who have been approached but are far from sympathetic. MPC is formulating a plan to make some improvements, but that of course takes time and money. Keep watching the MPC website and facebook page for developments.