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Mickleton Parish Council programme of work 2014/2015


 Animal fouling

Undertake reviews of bin placement/emptying and liaising thereon with DCC


Report incidents.

Wells and springs

 Take the necessary actions so that wells and springs are maintained and that the origins of wells are recorded.

Village seats.

 Keep a register of village seats and identify those for which the Parish Council is responsible and those for which DCC has responsibility

Maintain and replace village seats as necessary.

Monitor signage for the village.Review signage in the village and liaise with the appropriate authorities for changes where needed.

Road safety

 Liaise with Durham CC and the Police on matters relating to speed control with appropriate signage within the village and its surrounding area.

Ensure that the Speedvisor Programme is maintained and continue to explore other alternatives to reduce traffic speed in the Parish Council area.

Manage the village play area

Maintain a register of play area assets.

Regularly inspect and maintain (by means of a maintenance contract) the play area.

Undertake a risk review in the play area.

Arrange appropriate insurance for the play area.

Manage and respond to annual ROSPA inspection.

Replace equipment in the play area as and when sources of funds are available to the Parish Council.

Keeping in touch with the Village

 Produce a Newsletter to be delivered to each house in the Parish Council area reporting on the activities of the Parish Council.

Maintain a Village Notice Board on which will be displayed Notices of Parish Council Meetings the Minutes of those meetings and a reminder that all people in the Parish Council area are warmly invited to meetings of the Parish Council.

Maintain a website devoted to Mickleton and the work of the Parish Council.

Consult with residents on planning applications and on any other matter which affects the village which falls within the responsibility of the Parish Council.

Attend meetings outside the Parish when it is important that the views of the Parish Council and the people of Mickleton need to be represented.

Bus service

 To represent the view of residents that it is essential that the people of the Parish have an adequate bus service.

Village appearance.

 Encourage residents to improve the appearance of the village.

Review the services of DCC and other statutory authorities in relation to grass cutting, refuse collection, snow clearance, road maintenance and street lighting to ensure that they do not fall below a satisfactory standard of acceptance.

To take appropriate action to the Parish Council where houses in the Parish Council area appear to become abandoned or become derelict