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Welcome to the Mickleton Parish Council website.

Mickleton is a village in Teesdale, in the Pennines of England. Mickleton is situated by the meeting of the Lune River, as it leaves Lunedale, and joins the Tees, behind Mickleton on the Lunedale Hills looms the Bronze Age burial site of Kirkcarrion.

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header2021Mickleton Parish Council (MPC) has just completed a photographic report (2nd & 3rd September 2021) on the seats and benches around the village and it's environs. This report is available to download here icon Seats and Benches Report 2021 (3.65 MB)

As is quite evident from they photographs some of these seats and benches have degenerated into quite a deplorable state and are in need of urgent attention. Needless to say the owner of most of them is Durham County Council (DCC) who have been approached but remain far from sympathetic, the best the can manage is a "stiff ignoring". MPC is formulating a plan to make some improvements, but that of course takes time and money. Keep watching the MPC website and facebook page for developments.

Published on Saturday, 11 September 2021 17:31

Motorists are experiencing severe problems on the B6276 which runs from Mickleton (on the B6277) to Bowes. The actual problem is in Cumbria, not Durham and on investigation it would appear that Durham was not informed of the impact the roadworks would have on Durham in fact Cumbria appears to have abjured all responsibility for what is going on on their road:-

Read more: B6276 Road Closure (20)

Published on Saturday, 28 August 2021 17:11

The Annual General Meeting 2021 of Mickleton Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 19:00 in the Village Hall Mickleton. The agenda for the meeting is available to download here icon 05 AGM Agenda 2021 (76.8 kB) and the provisional minutes of the previous AGM can be downloaded here  icon 05 AGM2019 Minutes (81.94 kB). Also the Annual Report and balance Sheet will be available to downloaded here in due course.

NOTE These minutes are not the Official Minutes of the May 2019 AGM  unless and until approved at the May 2021 AGM.

On completion it will be followed by the regular monthly meeting of the Parish Council. The agenda for this meeting is available download here icon 5 Agenda May 2021 (71.86 kB) and the minutes of the August 2020 meeting are available to download here 

NOTE These minutes are not the Official Minutes of the April 2018 Meeting unless and until approved at the May 2018 Meeting.

Mickleton parishoners are most welcome to attend the AGM and to attend the subsequent regular meeting as observers, masks social separation will be required.

The next regular meeting of Mickleton Parish Council will take place in Mickleton Village Hall at 19:00 on Tuesday 15th June 2021, latest Covid-19 regulations permitting

Published on Monday, 17 May 2021 14:09

The next regular monthly meeting,  of Mickleton Parish Council will  be held in Mickleton Village Hall at 19:00 on TUESDAY 20th July 2021 .The agenda for this meeting, can be downloaded here icon 07 Agenda July 2021 (50.73 kB) . The minutes of the June 2021 Regular Meeting can be downloaded here, icon 06 Minutes June 2021 (82.08 kB) NOTE These minutes are not the Official Minutes of the June 2021 Meeting unless and until approved at the 15th July 2021 Meeting.

The Parish Council does not meet in August so the next Regular meeting of Mickleton Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 21st. September 2021

Members of the  public are always very welcome to attend the meeting as observers, Social distancing and Masks are required by all Council Members and atendees.


Published on Wednesday, 14 July 2021 19:21

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Clocks will remain on Alpha time  until 01:00 on Sunday 31st October 2021 when they will be retarded to GMT time zone Zulu.

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