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Closure of Cotherstone Post Office and Village Shop

Published on Saturday, 18 July 2020 19:26 Hits: 474

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This was taken from the Cotherstone Post Office and Village Shop Website.

Tcpohe Post Office will close on Saturday 25th July after the last post has been collected.
The shop will close on Saturday 1st August.
This is all a bit sooner than we had hoped, however, our buyers cannot get their mortgage approved until the shop has ceased trading and reverted its usage back to residential status.
We know how important newspapers are to you, so we have been in contact with Middleton newsagents to take over our home deliveries, using the same paperboys so there will be minimal disruption to your papers. More details of this will be provided in the coming weeks.
To those customers who have supported us over the last few years, and particularly these last few months, we thank you.
We tried our best, we invested tens of thousands to make the shop better, we added over 800 new items to the shelves to try and give you what you wanted. When it became clear we couldn’t make ends meet, we tried for 2 years to sell it as a shop, and when it became obvious nobody wanted a shop we tried to initiate a community take over of the shop (we even offered it to the steering group at a reduction of £50,000 and all of the stock for free which no one ever told you about) but alas, to no avail.
We’ll still be local, and Karolina will be further developing her gardening business locally so we’ll see you around.

This is very sad news indeed both for Cotherstone, the surrounding area, the Dale as a whole and the couple who ran it for quite a few years. Mickleton Parish Council wishes them every sucess in their new ventures.

With the loss to the Dale of Cotherstone Post Office the nearest post offices are

Mickleton Village Hall Tuesday 13:00 ~1600 and Thursday 12:20 ~ 15:00 Look HERE

UTAS Middleton in Teesdale Tuesdays 09:30 ~ 12:30 Look HERE

Barnard Castle  Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 1730 Saturday 09:00 ~ 12:30 Look HERE

Staindrop. 09:00 ~ 1730 Saturday 09:00 ~ 12:30 Look HERE