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Household Rubbish and Recycling

Published on Thursday, 21 March 2013 07:09 Hits: 6737

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Household rubbish collection day in Mickleton is normally Tuesdays except of course after public holidays (Christmas, Bank Holidays etc), the collection normally takes place beween 08:00 and 09:00.

The recycling bins (blue top) and household waste bins (green top) are collected on alternate weeks, have a look HERE to see the next collection day and also on how your rubbish should be segregated.

There is a recycling centre about 2 miles west of Mickleton on the B6277 where general rubbish, garden waste, redundant white goods, furniture etc can be properly disposed of. Details of this site and other waste recycling sites can be found HERE.

Collections of garden waste are also made by Teesdale Conservation Volunteerss under the Rotters Scheme whereby garden waste is collected and composted.  They publish a newsletter where details of the collection dates are listed, have a look HERE for more information.

You can download the latest Rotters Newletter (Spring 2013) here icon Rotters Spring 2013 (181.41 kB)