Dog Fouling in Mickleton.

Published on Saturday, 14 March 2015 13:47 Hits: 3679

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Dog FoulingDog Fouling in Mickleton.


Mickleton Parish Council has recently received a number of, well justified in our opinion, complaints regarding the increasing amount of Dog Fouling in the village.


Apart from being quite unpleasant,vide HERE

it is unhygenic,vide HERE


it can be a serious health hazard, vide HERE


detracts from the visual amenity that we should display to visitors, vide HERE

Mickleton Parish Council wishes to make it VERY clear that it will seek to prosecute dog owners who do not clean up after their pets and would ask that anybody who observes such anti social behaviour by attended or unattended dogs should report it to the Parish Council for further action.

Dog BinApart from the total bone idelness and inconsiderate action on the part of these owners there is no reason for this to happen. There are a number of bins located around the village that can be used to dispose of these droppings:-

The Village Field.

At the Bottom of Mill Lane

The Old Station Carpark

So come on folks, show a little consideration to your friends and neighbours, clean up after your's not a lot to ask AND you are legally required to do so, and if you don't we will ensure your collar get's felt. So vide:-